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Luminous Kids
Blindfold Vision Training

with Dr. Edith & Bohdan Dolban


For Families Living in the New Consciousness.

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Discover a joyful and sacred treasure that's within your child!

There is a precious window of opportunity for us to nurture and facilitate our children's intuitive seeing abilities.

Welcome to Luminous Kids Blindfold Vision Training!

  • Activate¬†the direct experience of our¬†New Human Possibilities.
  • Cultivate your child's¬†innate abilities, inner knowing¬†and confidence.
  • Enhance the expression of your child's creative abilities.
  • Awaken¬†your child's holistic intelligences.
  • Reduced the need to wear glasses.
  • Give your child a¬†delightful gift that no conventional or alternative school offers!
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Welcome Luminous Moms, Dads & Families!

There is a sacred gift, a treasure within each of our children. Innate abilities that lay dormant, waiting to be nurtured, supported and activated.

As Visionary Moms & Dads, we are well aware of the shortcomings of the old conventional education system. The old paradigm was simply not designed for the true blossoming of our children’s gifts and abilities.

Luminous Families like ours are here to build a more beautiful world, and our children are leading the way. They are the new Luminous Kids.

Our Luminous Kids Blindfold Vision Training is not just a training program. It’s an invocation for the new human. It’s time for us to return to our natural state of pure joy, magic and delight again.

Blindfold Vision Training is a beautiful way to remember our innate natural gifts. We’ve created a 6-week guided journey for your child to see, know, and directly experience these possibilities as real and accessible. A joyful and game-like form of meditation that puts your child in tune with their deep inner knowing.

This work has the potential of activating other intelligences as well -- like academics, sports, and social-emotional intelligences.¬†Your child will learn to distill the difference between ‚Äúmonkey mind‚ÄĚ guessing vs. an intuitive hunch vs. knowing and seeing with precision, accuracy and crystalline clarity.

So please join us for our 6-Week Guided Journey to expand into a more beautiful new reality:

  • The first and¬†sixth sessions are dedicated to empowering parents with coaching and interactive Q & A.
  • The core 4x sessions are customized for the kids, with step-by-step progression and interactive practices to awaken your child's Blindfold Vision abilities.
  • Enjoy a supportive community of like-hearted families who will be embarking on this delightful journey together with you!
  • BONUS - upon completion of the training, please enjoy the full ‚ÄúLuminous Education Revolution‚ÄĚ 18-session video¬†program - a gift from our hearts!

Together, let's co-create a beautiful world where every child can fully express their brilliance and embody the true joy and wonder of what it means to be human.

Join us!

Dr. Edith

Activate Your Child's Inner Vision,

Awaken their Holistic Intelligences.


Join us for a delightful six-week guided journey of discovery, as we nurture your child's innate ability to see, know, and directly experience these possibilities as real and accessible.

"Luminous Kids - Blindfold Vision" is not just a skill; it's a doorway to a deeper understanding of intuition and inner clarity. It's a method that teaches our children to distinguish between mere guessing and true intuitive insight, enhancing focus, creativity, and self-confidence in the process.

Through a series of guided sessions, children learn to differentiate between the noise of the "monkey mind"¬†vs. the clarity of intuitive insights and inner knowing. This journey is not only about seeing without sight, it is about cultivating a deep sense of inner clarity and truth discernment. It's about expanding the belief in what‚Äôs possible, nurturing¬†the joy¬†and wonder in the hearts of each child and their family.¬†¬†ūüíĖ

Old Paradigm

  • Emphasizes rote memorization and standardized testing.

  • Teachers act as the primary source of knowledge, instructing and dictating the learning process.

  • Students are passive recipients of information, often in a one-size-fits-all approach.

  • Success is measured through grades, test scores, and adherence to curriculum standards.
    Often a competitive atmosphere that prioritizes academic achievements over personal development.

  • Curriculum is heavily focused on academic subjects with little room for personal exploration or development of emotional intelligence.

  • Parents are seen as external to the child‚Äôs learning process, with limited engagement or influence on the educational approach.

  • Problems are seen as obstacles to be overcome largely through academic means.

  • Technology is often used as a tool for delivering information and testing knowledge.

  • Prepares students for existing careers and societal roles, with a focus on fitting into the current world structure.

Luminous Education,
Luminous Human.

  • True education¬†nurtures¬†the¬†full spectrum of our holistic intelligences -¬†e.g. intuitive knowing, body awareness, energy awareness, IQ, EQ, SQ, truth discernment, and more.
  • Adults¬†serve as facilitators and guides, supporting each child's unique path of learning and discovery.

  • The purpose of education is to¬†nurture¬†the blossoming of our¬†children's¬†consciousness,¬†personal growth,¬†inner attunement, creativity, wellbeing, and the ability to¬†express one's authentic gifts¬†into the world.

  • Parents are actively¬†co-evolving together with their children, while supporting¬†and facilitating their children's journey of growth and development.

  • We know our children are powerful multidimensional cosmic beings, here to co-create a more beautiful world. We see it as a sacred and divine gift to accompany our children through these times of rapid¬†change on the planet.

  • We treasure our¬†children's ability to vision and create a future that aligns with their true divine nature, their expansive consciousness, and limitless possibilities.¬†

The skills honed through "Luminous Kids Blindfold Vision"

prepare our children for a life of limitless possibilities. ūüßė


Luminous Kids

Blindfold Vision Training

with Dr. Edith & Bohdan Dolban

ūüíé Program logistics:

  • Six sessions total, with¬†Dr. Edith & Bohdan as¬†your co-facilitators.

  • First & Last Sessions are Parents Coaching Calls -¬†60-75min each.

  • The 4 core sessions are¬†kids classes - 45mins each.

  • Tuition¬†$850 per child (parents coaching sessions are included).

  • Registration opens on April 18th.

  • Space is limited.*¬†

(*Note: To provide the highest quality experience, there are only 4 children in each of the two sections. Total 8 children. Pending interest / demand, we may open add'l sections on Sundays. Pls indicate your interest in the application form.)

ūüßô‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ Who this is for:

  • Luminous Families living in the new consciousness.

  • Parents who¬†are¬†inspired and committed to nurturing their children's gifts & expansive abilities.

  • Kids ages 5 to 11 years old who have expressed interest in Blindfold Vision.

  • Participants¬†will need to have the ability to maintain attention and focus - following interactive playful activities for 30mins.

  • Pre-requisite - children will need to be able to name basic colors, shapes, and know their ABC's and 123s. (Fluent reading skills is not necessary.)

  • All classes are held in English.

ūüéĀ BONUS - enjoy the full ‚ÄúLuminous Education Revolution‚ÄĚ 18-session video program - a gift from our hearts! *Upon completion of the training.

ūüóďÔłŹ Program Schedule:

2x Parents sessions + 4x Kids classes.

  • Thurs May 2nd¬†- Parents coaching and preparation session - 3:15p US pacific
  • Thurs May 9th¬†- Kids class #1
    Section 1 - 3:15p pacific 
    Section 2 - 4:15p pacific
  • Thurs May 16th¬†- Kids class #2
    Section 1 - 3:15p pacific 
    Section 2 - 4:15p pacific
  • Thurs May 23rd¬†- Kids class #3
    Section 1 - 3:15p pacific 
    Section 2 - 4:15p pacific
  • Thurs May 30th¬†- Kids class #4
    Section 1 - 3:15p pacific 
    Section 2 - 4:15p pacific
  • Thurs June 6th¬†- Parents coaching Q & A - 3:15p pacific.

GREAT NEWS! By popular demand, we're adding 2 new sections on Sundays.

  • 4x Sunday Kids classes.
  • Sundays May 26th, June 2nd, 9th, 16th.
    Section 3 - 9:30a US Pacific.
    Section 4 - 10:30a US Pacific.
  • The two Parents Coaching Sessions remain on Thurs May 2nd & Thurs June 6th.

‚ú® Materials List:

Full detailed description of materials and links for purchase will be provided upon registration.

  • Mindfold Mask: It's important at least in the beginning this specific style/brand of mask is used. (Once activated, children may use other types of eye masks.)
  • At least 5 to 8 various colored cardboard papers 8.5 x 11 size. 20 to 30 total are needed,¬†so that we can ask¬†kids to sort them by colors.
  • Playing cards - 2 decks preferred.
  • Other colored items, such as¬†colored plastic cups, colored spoons, colored legos. At least 5 of each color, 20 to 30 of each. Anything else that is different colors that can be sorted is welcomed.
  • 1 or 2¬†baby/toddler level books with large size fonts (such as ABCs or 123s).
  • An eye chart printout¬†which will be emailed to you upon registration.¬†
  • A flashlight with Strobe feature.
  • A lighthearted, playful attitude of joy, fun and curiosity!

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Dr. Edith is a true pioneer and dear friend. I am so happy to share this mission with her. The mission to empower every human being to be extraordinary.

Wim Hof


Henna Maria, Peace Activist, Poet, Healer. Founder of

"Is it possible to be absolutely devoted to one's work, while walking the path with joy?  Dr. Edith has shown me how to do that in the most natural, beautiful way. She is a remarkably insightful, radiant soul with a unique capacity to lift people up.

A healer, mother, visionary teacher and mentor, she is a master of many arts - yet she carries her medicine lightly. Never compromising on her values, her entire life is a holistic expression of her mission. A true ambassador for the New Earth, she leads by brilliant example and shares her wisdom with generosity and crystalline clarity.

Even in the midst of the darkest, most challenging circumstances, Dr. Edith manages to find a spark of light and move you just the right way to remind you who you are. I cannot imagine a more dedicated, forthright and inspiring mentor and friend to walk this path with.

Dr. Edith, thank you for your undying devotion to love!"


Jon Laux. Tech Executive, Musician/Rapper, Martial Artist, Husband, Father.

"Dr. Edith is an executive coach for our times, one who attunes to the subtle energetics of what’s needed personally, organizationally, and cosmically.

I’m forever grateful for her counsel as I've navigated through simultaneous professional and personal upheaval. She has a profound ability to sit buoyantly in what feels like chaos and distill complex dynamics into simple, pointed questions.

From deep vulnerability and great unknowing, new worlds are born. And true character is formed. Dr. Edith is someone you want at your side when what matters is the heart of the matter."

Stephan Keya. Founder & CEO of

"Dr. Edith is a profound mentor & guide. She's the healer's healer. The teacher's teacher. The coach's coach.

When you work with her, there is this elegant weaving of mind and heart, science and spirituality, business and purpose, inspiration and utility, and the one and the many.

Her masterful integration of opposites creates a potent environment for the perfect insights and solutions to arise. Her presence radiates unconditional love, wisdom, optimism, joy, and humor as only great masters do.

The degree of clarity, transformation and wellbeing Dr. Edith has supported in my life is immeasurable. Thank you Dr Edith."

Meet your facilitators:

Bohdan Dolban ‚Äď Blindfold Perception Trainer

Bohdan Dolban has been a Blindfold Perception trainer since 2018 and is based in Toronto, Cananda. (He was the trainer who activated Dr. Edith's son Kabreem at age 5. Now four years later, Kabreem is 9 yrs old and continues to enjoy this wonderful ability!)
Bohdan was initially drawn to Blindfold Perception via a YouTube video to secure training for his daughter Talya. Because training was not available in Toronto, he decided to become an instructor himself, using the InfoVision method taught by the co-authors Michaela Istrati and Mark Komissarov from Eastern Europe. 

Since starting instruction in 2018, Bohdan has successfully activated over 100 children in Blindfold Vision. He has continually refined the blindfold process by learning with Mary Rodwell (author of The New Human) and Dr Steven Greer (Creator of the Disclosure project, trainer of CE5 meditation and remote viewing) .
Bohdan's¬†work is acknowledged by Paul Wallis and page 100 of the 2022 book ‚ÄúEchos of Eden‚ÄĚ. He has also collaborated in training programs with Caroline Cory, creator of the popular documentary "Superhuman".

Bohdan was a scout leader and has a degree in Business Management diploma in Corporate Administration.

Today, his focus is on the new generation of children and supporting them to learn how to convert intuition to knowing and to nurture and awaken their consciousness skills and abilities.

‚ÄčDr. Edith Ubuntu Chan¬†‚Ästconsciousness & human potential coach,¬†creator of "Luminous Education Revolution",¬†mama of two Luminous Kids.

‚ÄčDr. Edith Ubuntu Chan is a consciousness & human potential coach, a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, author, speaker, and mama of two Luminous Kids.

Her older child Kabreem activated his Blindfold Vision at age 5 with Bohdan's facilitation. Today at 9 years old, Kabreem continues to enjoy this delightful ability to see blindfolded. Dr. Edith is inspired to share this gift with thousands more Luminous Families all around the world!

Dr. Edith's professional background includes:


 Over 38,000 hrs of private coaching and healing sessions given.

 23 years of experience in human potential, personal growth and transformational leadership.

¬†Coaching clients include ‚Äď major influencers in consciousness, health/medical freedom, holistic doctors, directors of visionary nonprofits and foundations, alternative education pioneers, award-winning authors and transformational coaches, 6, 7, 8 figure entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers.

 Lenses and perspectives - 23-yrs of deep meditation practice, 11-day dark room retreat, multidimensional travel and mystical experiences, background in math & engineering, conscious conception, natural holistic homebirth, homeschooling two children, while running two businesses.

 Bestselling author of SuperWellness, featuring foreword by Wim Hof.

 Creator of Luminous Education Revolution - comprehensive vision for new paradigm of Education.

 Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine, a 4-year graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelors with Magna Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University. Formative years at Phillips Exeter Academy.


Through her coaching & retreats, Dr. Edith empowers Visionary Wayshowers to master their energy & life, so that they can lead and serve at the highest levels.  Link to full bio here.

You are supported.

Let's journey together.


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