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For Visionaries, Wayshowers,
Emissaries of the Future. Architects of the More Beautiful World.

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As Visionary Wayshowers, we walk an unconventional path. We are here to bring beautiful solutions to the world. 

We do not tolerate the old models of success that are devoid of soul. We measure success differently.

  • We see the world¬†through¬†holistic,¬†balanced, multi-dimensional perspectives.
  • We value the spiritual¬†and practical¬†aspects¬†of life.
  • We¬†seek¬†to integrate our "doing-ness" with our "knowing-ness" and our "being-ness."
  • We value truth, freedom, wisdom, beauty, and the highest win-win-win.
  • We¬†know that we were born for these times.
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Welcome Visionary,

I’m so happy you are here. There are no accidents. You are here for a profound and beautiful reason. It’s time to re-align and expand into the more potent new YOU.

As spiritually-attuned entrepreneurs, leaders and wayshowers, this is a time of profound change. We have entered a new energy. A new geometry. A new octave of possibility is here.

We'll look back on 2024 - Year of the Dragon - as a most pivotal year for Visionary Wayshowers like you.

This is the year to step fully into your dharma. Your mission. Your purpose. 

As Visionaries who are called to bring beneficial solutions into the world, we are here to walk an unconventional path. We are here to pioneer new paradigms, new solutions, and new ways of being.

In walking this path, we are presented with 3 major challenges:


  1. We've outgrown the old version of ourselves, yet the new one is still emerging. The old world of Personal/Spiritual Growth no longer resonates. We're ready for a new octave of wisdom. New codes of leadership, influence and impact. It's time to realign, strengthen and stabilize the new version of ourselves. But how?

  2. As conscious beings, we can no longer tolerate the old models of ‚Äúsuccess‚ÄĚ that are devoid of soul. We measure success differently. We are here to create new models of business, success & abundance. A whole new level of conversation is needed. We¬†want examples of those who have integrated their spiritual awakening into a practical successful life. But where can we find these new models of success?

  3. This new era¬†requires that we shed the old ‚ÄúLone Wolf‚ÄĚ pattern of hyper-independence. It‚Äôs time to co-evolve and level-up together, collaborate, educate and inspire our communities. As we weave the energies of mutual support and collaboration, we are also¬†anchoring in the¬†blueprints for a more beautiful New Civilization in the process.

Remember why you came here.
You were born for these times.

If you feel a deep resonance in your being, I invite you to apply here for a coaching strategy session. 

For many, filling out the application form itself is a rich experience of insight and inner clarity.  Enjoy!

I am honored to support you in the full expression of your gifts and purpose. Let's step into the next level of possibilities together.


Dr. Edith

As a Visionary, you have unique needs.

For Visionary Wayshowers like you, old conventional models of personal growth or¬†business coaching¬†tend to¬†fall short.¬† In fact, you‚Äôve likely already spent countless $$$ dollars &¬†hours on such programs and saw limited results. Isn't it true?¬†ūü§Ē

That's because the old conventional approach prioritizes tactics and "hustle", rather than cultivating an authentic inner being, deep flow states, energy awareness and conscious aligned action.

When we contort ourselves (and our businesses) into rigid templates and systems, we feel inauthentic and out-of-alignment. Results falter. We may even compromise our health, our relationships, or our integrity. 

Truth is, in this new energy we operate with a different set of principles:

Old Energy

  • Externally Driven & Reactive.

  • Defer to experts to tell you what to do. Follow¬†a template. Use solutions that worked for¬†others.

  • Push through, work harder, do what it takes. Sacrifice your wellbeing and freedom.

  • Ignore your feelings, intuition, gut instincts. Just do what you have to do.

  • Tough it out for now. The ends justify the means. Someday you¬†can relax and enjoy your life.¬†

  • Profits & bottom line is the focus. Impact is a "nice to have."

New Energy

  • Internally Driven & Creative.

  • Tune-in¬†for inner clarity & wisdom. Choose¬†solutions and collaborators that are in true¬†alignment.

  • Master your energy, time¬†& productivity so that work is accomplished with grace, joy and flow.

  • Allow your intuition, wisdom &¬†intellect to co-inform¬†your¬†actions.

  • Business¬†as¬†a¬†spiritual practice. Joy¬†& fulfillment throughout the¬†process.¬†

  • Authentic value,¬†solutions¬†&¬†impact is¬†the focus. Wealth is an inevitable natural byproduct.

To create the most powerful results, we attune to the energetics at play. We allow the tools/tactics/strategies to arise from deep awareness and authentic alignment. Then, when we take action, it is congruent, authentic, and powerful. We experience profound states of genius, exponential productivity, flow, creativity, beauty, true fulfillment and impact.

It's a¬†more rich & beautiful way... of being human.¬†ūüßė

Master Your
8 Dimensions

Unleash the full expression of your vision and purpose; synergize your time, energy, money, your gifts, abilities, influence and impact. Integrate the personal & the professional, the practical & the cosmical, the physical and the non-physical. Enjoy rich, beautiful & exponentially more potent results.


( Multidimensional Approach )  x  ( Soul Aligned Actions ) 
= Exponential Results. 


Apply for Private Coaching with Dr Edith

Do these themes
sound like you?

  • I¬†need new¬†models of business¬†& success¬†that are¬†congruent and authentic for me.¬†
  • I have a big vision but need clarity about where to focus first.
  • I feel¬†limited by time / energy / money;¬†how can I create more¬†time,¬†energy, and financial freedom?
  • I¬†am already so overworked and overwhelmed;¬†how can I get more results without adding more to my plate?
  • I have too many distractions and need¬†help getting¬†clear and focused.
  • There's¬†an energetic pattern or mindset block that needs to be¬†cleared or¬†healed.
  • I¬†don't want to sacrifice¬†my health / family / relationships in order to¬†execute on my mission & purpose.
  • Being a pioneer can be lonely.¬†I need social support and¬†mentorship¬†to walk this unconventional path.

a new octave
 of possibilities.

  • Master the Energetics of your Life and Business.
  • Let go of outdated concepts around Time and Money.
  • Synergize the practical and spiritual; experience 360¬į¬†fulfillment¬†- personal, family, professional, cosmical.
  • Unlock the full¬†authentic expression of your mission, vision, and purpose.
  • Bring into congruence your "doing-ness" with your "being-ness" and your "visionary knowingness".
  • Upgrade of your relationship with¬†Time, Space and Creation.
  • Tap into consistent¬†flow states.
  • Embody authentic leadership, upgrade your¬†influence, impact,¬†and income.
  • Take full advantage of¬†Dr. Edith's deep experience, including 38,000+ hrs private coaching and healing sessions given to date.
  • Distill your insights¬† into practical tools, tactics, and strategies.
  • Take massively aligned action.
  • Be supported with energetic recalibration, integration and stabilization¬†every step along the way.

Apply for Private Coaching with Dr Edith
(Strategy Session $350)

ūüíé Program logistics:

  • 12x Private Coaching Sessions - completed¬†within¬†3-6 months.
  • Each session is¬†75-80 minutes each.
  • Unlimited email communication between coaching calls.
  • A¬†100% customized coaching journey to create the greatest results for¬†your unique situation.
  • Bonus access to my other programs as useful for¬†your journey.
  • Investment - $10,000.
    (Yes, payment plan is available.)

ūüßô‚Äć‚ôāÔłŹ Who this is for:

  • Luminous Visionaries & Wayshowers¬†at the precipice of change¬†and¬†massively aligned action.
  • Emissaries & Architects of Beneficial¬†Solutions committed to the full expression of their dharma and purpose.
  • Soul-aligned Entrepreneurs ready to integrate the practical¬†& spiritual dimensions and redefine "success."
  • Application required.¬†For many, filling out the application form itself is a rich experience of insight and inner clarity. Enjoy! ūü•ā
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Dr. Edith is a true pioneer and dear friend. I am so happy to share this mission with her. The mission to empower every human being to be extraordinary.

Wim Hof


Henna Maria, Peace Activist, Poet, Healer. Founder of

"Is it possible to be absolutely devoted to one's work, while walking the path with joy?  Dr. Edith has shown me how to do that in the most natural, beautiful way. She is a remarkably insightful, radiant soul with a unique capacity to lift people up.

A healer, mother, visionary teacher and mentor, she is a master of many arts - yet she carries her medicine lightly. Never compromising on her values, her entire life is a holistic expression of her mission. A true ambassador for the New Earth, she leads by brilliant example and shares her wisdom with generosity and crystalline clarity.

Even in the midst of the darkest, most challenging circumstances, Dr. Edith manages to find a spark of light and move you just the right way to remind you who you are. I cannot imagine a more dedicated, forthright and inspiring mentor and friend to walk this path with.

Dr. Edith, thank you for your undying devotion to love!"


Jon Laux. Tech Executive, Musician/Rapper, Martial Artist, Husband, Father.

"Dr. Edith is an executive coach for our times, one who attunes to the subtle energetics of what’s needed personally, organizationally, and cosmically.

I’m forever grateful for her counsel as I've navigated through simultaneous professional and personal upheaval. She has a profound ability to sit buoyantly in what feels like chaos and distill complex dynamics into simple, pointed questions.

From deep vulnerability and great unknowing, new worlds are born. And true character is formed. Dr. Edith is someone you want at your side when what matters is the heart of the matter."

Stephan Keya. Founder & CEO of

"Dr. Edith is a profound mentor & guide. She's the healer's healer. The teacher's teacher. The coach's coach.

When you work with her, there is this elegant weaving of mind and heart, science and spirituality, business and purpose, inspiration and utility, and the one and the many.

Her masterful integration of opposites creates a potent environment for the perfect insights and solutions to arise. Her presence radiates unconditional love, wisdom, optimism, joy, and humor as only great masters do.

The degree of clarity, transformation and wellbeing Dr. Edith has supported in my life is immeasurable. Thank you Dr Edith."

Experience.... Inner Clarity. Awakening. Alignment. Energy Mastery. Integration. Stabilization. Authentic Leadership. Presence. Potency. Purpose.

‚ÄčDr. Edith Ubuntu Chan¬†is a consciousness & human potential coach, a Holistic Chinese Medicine Doctor, author, speaker, and mama of two Luminous Kids.¬†


 Over 38,000 hrs of private coaching and healing sessions given.

 23 years of experience in personal growth and transformational leadership.

¬†Coaching clients include ‚Äď major influencers in consciousness, health/medical freedom, holistic doctors, directors of visionary nonprofits and foundations, alternative education pioneers, award-winning authors and transformational coaches, 6, 7, 8 figure entrepreneurs, spiritual teachers.

 Lenses and perspectives - 23-yrs of deep meditation practice, 11-day dark room retreat, multidimensional travel and mystical experiences, background in math & engineering, conscious conception, natural holistic homebirth, homeschooling two children, while running two businesses.

 Bestselling author of SuperWellness, featuring foreword by Wim Hof.

 Creator of Luminous Education Revolution - comprehensive vision for new paradigm of Education.

 Doctoral Degree from Five Branches University in Endocrinology & Neuromuscular Medicine, a 4-year graduate degree from American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Bachelors with Magna Cum Laude in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.


Through her coaching & retreats, Dr. Edith empowers Visionary Leaders to master their energy & life, so that they can lead and serve at the highest levels.  Link to full bio here.

Working with Dr E is like a zap through some sort of a time warp. A holistic recalibration of my relationship with time - space - creation.

We began with elevating my concept of me and the dissolution of multiple old limiting identities. In essence, she has taken a frog deep in a well looking at a small spec of sky, to it emerging out of the well, to now realizing that there is vastly more sky. Always with her deep probing questions, she continues to broaden vistas as she shows how the invisible energies shape the visible.

Having this incredibly sharp and uncommon woman to bounce things off is like having an audience with a round of Village Elders. Within only six sessions, I have gone from being in a strait-jacketed mindset of "nothing is possible" to now feeling... Anything is Possible.

Susan Higa
Mother, wife, artist, designer, creator of Blessed Cultures probiotic coconut cream.

Private coaching with Dr Edith is a profound, joyful, multi-dimensional experience.

She inspired me to engage every aspect of my being and draw potent insights from deep within myself. The result is a level of Inner Clarity and Alignment that would have been unimaginable prior to our work.

As Visionaries, we see the problems of our world and are committed to solutions. Yet it can be quite challenging to clarify our unique roles to play.

Working with Dr. Edith catalyzed and quickened my path to clarity, refining my work, expanding my skillset and possibilities, so that I can fully express my service and mission in the world. Her joyful enthusiastic nature is matched by her brilliant mind and grounded understanding of practical actions and solutions.

Dr Edith is a true visionary leader of our times. A Way Shower for those of us who have chosen to help create the beautiful world we know is possible. I feel incredibly honoured to have her as a friend, colleague and coach.

Dawn Lester
Writer, speaker, teacher. Author of
"What Really Make You Ill".

Dr. Edith’s Luminous Visionary Training is more than leadership coaching. Her approach sparks a different kind of deep inquiry that does nothing less than contact the pure consciousness within you to break you open to your next level of expansion.

I came away changed in extraordinarily positive ways that I did not expect.

Dr. Edith is a conduit, a connecting force, and a master facilitator of potent exchange. If you’re willing to bravely bring your whole self to her work, she won’t disappoint.

Sarah Overman
Brainspotting Practitioner and Life Coach.

You are supported.

Let's journey together.


Apply for Private Coaching with Dr. Edith
(Strategy Session $350)