$450.00 USD

Note: selected parts of this SuperWellness Course may be audio/video-taped, so that our friends & community outside SF area can also be inspired to take control of their health. By registering for this course, you consent to being audio/video taped, waive all rights or claims to any future royalties, and permit the video to be used by The School of Dan Tian Wellness & Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan for the upcoming online course and/or for future educational/marketing purposes.

Due to the rapidly approaching date of this program, your registration fee is non-refundable, but it is 100% transferable to a friend. Just let us know! We look forward to sharing this deeply transformative and empowering experience with you!

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SuperWellness: Total Human Upgrade (1-pay)

Experience the All-New SuperWellness with Dr. Edith as your guide and world-class guest teachers. 

Starting Tues Sept 21st 2021.

  • Nine Sessions in Six Weeks
  • Six Tuesday Classes - Sept 21, Sept 28, Oct 5, 12, 19, 25.
  • Tues 5:30p-6:45p Pacific / 8:30p-9:45p Eastern
  • Plus 3 Community Q & As -- Sun Sept 26, Oct 10, Oct 24 - 11a-12noon Pacific.

(Yes! All calls recorded and posted in course portal 2hrs after class.)

*For TCM doctors, this course is Calif Acup Board 12-CEU hrs approved!

Class #1 - The New Human. A New Definition of Health.

  • Exploring our full multidimensional human-ness. What is YOUR definition of Health? 
  • Why "willpower", "discipline" and "goal setting" never worked. 
  • Why did people "fall off the bandwagon"? Busting old myths. Cracking the code.  Step into the new.
  • The state of being where healthy lifestyle and self-care comes naturally. 'H' for coming Home.
  • Big picture - future of humanity and our evolution of consciousness. What's at stake here?
  • Will we choose destruction? or will we chose to catapult to our highest possibilities?

Class #2 - LIVE Convo Q & A w/ Dr. Barre Lando.

  • "What is Health? The Truth demystified"

​Class #3  - Simplify. End the struggle and drop into ease.

  • Simplify and End the struggle. Stack the best "low hanging fruits", naturally attune your state of being.
  • 'E' for environment - Light and Darkness. Grounding, Earthing, EMF Harmonization.
  • 'A' for Air, Agua, Aarmph! Breathwork.  Hydration. The New Science of Water.
  • The end of "dieting".  learn the timeless "diet" that makes all dieting obsolete.
  • Making it practical and simple. Putting it all together in a sample day.

Class #4 - New Science of Water - guest teacher Veda Austin.

  • World-renowned water researcher Veda Austin will share cutting edge discoveries in the New Science of Water.
  • If you're fascinated by the work of Masaru Emoto, structured water, water's capacity to hold memory,  Fourth Phase Water, you won't want to miss this session!
  • L - 'Lighten Up' this week with the "information" we expose our Water to -- e.g. Digital Detox, Media Fast. 
  • Recommended 3-7days of Liquids or intermittent fasting for the upcoming week.

Class #5 - Live Q & A. Juicing & detox support.

Class #6 - Savor.  Mindful Eating. A recalibration of your senses.

  • A delicious Mindful Eating practice - everyone's FAVORITE class!
  • Savoring every bite. Chewing 50x. 100x. Pure deliciousness. 
  • HOW we eat may be even more important than WHAT we eat.​

Class #7 - Inner Clarity. Discernment. Truth. 

  • This week we dive deep into the so-called "mind-body" connection.
  • 'T' is for Thoughts/Truth. 'H' is for living from the Heart.
  • Learn powerful tools for tuning in for inner clarity and discernment.
  • Understanding how our life-experiences and stressors influence our physical health. 
  • The science of the heart. Heart coherence and Healing.

Class #8 - Guest Teacher Dr. Melissa Sell

  • German New Medicine. Going beyond "Mind-Body Connection".

Class #9 - Locking in the beautiful new reality. Total Human Upgrade. 🎉

  • This week we synthesize our Six-Week journey and LOCK IN to the beautiful new reality.
  • Opportunity to share insights, wisdom, and vision for the future.
  • Experiential exercises to fully embody our new state of being.
  • Live Q & A. Celebrating new possibilities!

What People Are Saying:

Wow... My energy has been radiant and contagious... My mental clarity has been fantastic and unbelievable. I did not realize how I had been living in a fog with such low energy until the fog has now been lifted. I feel truly alive for the first time in 20 years.

Nancy H.

Fantastic 6-week course! It gave me so many valuable tools for improving health and becoming a more connected and present human being! Dr. Edith created a warm, humorous and fun-filled group environment where we always felt comfortable learning and sharing our experiences together. We had a nice mix of guided practices, group reflections, and Dr. E's clinical and personal experience in holistic health. Many of the techniques we explored have now become part of my daily routine, and it is so much fun to see how my kids have absorbed and benefited from this also! Dr. Edith is an amazing person, and this workshop is a treasure for anybody interested in creating a solid and lasting foundation in healthy living!"

Owen D.

Ten pounds in six weeks in a painless transformation. And beyond the changes in eating habits, the meditation techniques, the calming of self, the search for purpose This was a joyful and soulful experience I hope many more are privileged to participate in this journey with such a wonderful teacher! Highly Recommended!

Nicole V.