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2021 Consciousness Training - Awaken Your Abilities (Apr 2021) 3pay

Energy Awareness, Intuition, Inner Clarity, Remote Sensing, Spoon Bending, and more!

Meets 6 Saturdays, starting April 3.

(12noon Pacific / 3p Eastern)

Class #1: Preparing our Physiology, Upgrading our Energy Systems.
* The best of SuperWellness - distilled!
* Recalibration and Upgrade of our energy systems.
* How to manage the rapidly changing outer world, while staying centered and grounded within.  Conscious cultivation of our personal energy fields.

Class #2: Inner Clarity & Truth
* Communication protocol with our body.
​* "Truth vs. Falsehood" body-test.
* A guided meditation for "Listening to the Heart" for inner clarity.  The end of indecisiveness.

Class #3: Higher level of communication - w people/nature/objects
* A higher dimension of communication - from high-self to high-self.
* Harmonizing difficult situations/difficult conversations via inner consciousness "technology."
* For content-creators & thought-leaders - cocooning your work with the right energies - attract the "right ones" to your work and avoid internet trolls.

Class #4: Spoon Bending
* A fun way to learn about consciousness and the nature of reality.
* If you can bend a spoon, what else is possible?

Class #5: Remote Sensing & Future Vision
* Remote Sensing & future vision - we'll pick an interesting topic of focus to gather meditative insights.

BONUS Class #6! "Breatharianism" and New Human Possibilities
* A no-nonsense exploration of so-called "Breatharianism" - human body as a hybrid vehicle. How to tap into non-food sources of nourishment and energy.  Celebrating new human possibilities!