SuperWellness - How to get the best Sleep

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Are you sleeping well? Bouncing out of bed in the mornings feeling peaceful, relaxed, and refreshed?

If you're not sleeping well - what are the best ways to bring back a good night's sleep?

In my 15+yrs' clinical experience - Sleep is one of the the biggest GAMECHANGER! Not only for your Health - but to enjoy the mental, emotional, and spiritual Clarity to create the life you LOVE.

Did you know?

  • Humans are the only animals that chronically sleep deprive ourselves?
  • The profoundly different physiology across all systems (hormonal, cardiovascular, immune, digestion, detox, and more...) -- when we sleep enough, vs. when we're sleep deprived?
  • How sleep influences our learning & memory in powerful ways?
  • Sleep deprivation can change our brain states to mimic Psychotic patients? :-o Is that why we feel irritable when we don't sleep?
  • How Liver Detox, Growth Hormones, Tissue Repair, Blood Pressure, Blood Sugar - and many more physiological markers are elegantly synchronized to your sleep?

Join us for this uplifting & empowering 1-hour. Learn how to get the BEST SLEEP. It may change your life and your health - forever.

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All sales are final. There are no refunds for monthly Webinar replays.